June 18, 2016

Who We Are

What Ideation Foundation???

United by a desire to foster innovation on university campuses… Our Founders asked themselves, “What if…?”

What if students had the ability to take an idea and combine it with mentorship and resources to fostor innovation?

What if students had the training to advocate for improvements at their schools and in their community to impose real change?

We believe students can change the world. Unfortunately, while attending college many students are not afforded the opportunities to truly become innovators and graduate with enormous amounts of student debt and relatively little experience in today’s ultra competitive global market. Concerned, our founders sought to find a way to make unencumbered innovation for students at every college and university across the country. Thus, The Ideation Foundation was born.

About Us

The Ideation Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation that was founded by Viviana Tran and Caleb Carr. Based in the city of Kent, Washington, our foundation promotes student excellence through innovation and entrepreneurship while continually making significant strides in becoming a nationally recognized organization. Over the past two years, this organization has met with community leaders at the local and national levels to discuss the necessity for student entrepreneurship and innovation. Run by young professionals and collegiate students, we are dedicated to develop programs that provide future generations the proper tools and training in innovation so they can flourish in today’s world.

Our Vision

Higher education has become a quintessential pursuit for the majority of students graduating secondary institutions. Over the last few years a volatile job market, saturated with highly qualified applicants, has caused a social evolution: a bachelor’s degree has replaced a high school diploma as the minimum education requirement to ensure a comfortable lifestyle.

Regrettably, we have accepted this new social convention without sufficiently investigating its implications both fiscally and legally to students. Today, with an average tuition rate of approximately $19,000 annually (according the National Center for Education Statistics) students incur gross amounts of debt to attain a four-year degree and national student loan debt now exceeds $1 trillion dollars. For many graduating students, achieving success after college is becoming increasingly difficult, especially in the new “gig” economy.

One way to combat this phenomenon is through student innovation. Millions of students become advocates, artists, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, journalists, musicians, photographers, and writers. Unfortunately, many students across the country lack the financial means, training, resources, and networking opportunities to achieve their dreams.

The Ideation Foundation intends to change this by providing the necessary programs so students can achieve their dreams.


Our Mission

The Ideation Foundation believes students deserve the ability to learn, create, and grow and is committed to providing the necessary tools so future generations can change the world.

The mission of the Ideation Foundation is: 1) To research issues surrounding student innovation, student intellectual property creation, entrepreneurship and research in academic settings; 2) To promote student innovation, student intellectual property creation, entrepreneurship and research through fellowship and scholarship programs; and 3) To raise funds to provide assistance, create, and build student innovation, entrepreneurship and research spaces around the world.

Read how we achieve this through our different Ideation programs: