November 14, 2016

Robert D. Walker Scholarship Fund

Robert Walker was a dear friend, colleague, and mentor within the The Ideation Foundation community. His passion and drive inspired thousands of people from the US Congress to Colorado State capitol, and from Washington DC to Rwanda. As Vice President of The Ideation Foundation from early 2015 – 2016 Robert worked to ensure that students felt like they were heard in their local, state, and federal systems and also were taught that they could do something that originally was thought to be impossible.  

Robert died November 10th, 2016 due to complications of a stroke, leaving the The Ideation Foundation’s team mourning his lost and deeply sadden by the loss of a true friend, colleague, and generous spirit. His passing is an incredible loss, as his incredible wealth of talent and passion was the crux of The Ideation Foundation’s growth over the last two years.

During his tenure at The Ideation Foundation he put together medical scholar programs for the country of Rwanda,developed a scholarship fund for students who wanted to create start-ups, and was the critical reason that multiple pieces of state and federal legislation were passed in 2015. In memory of Robert, The Ideation Foundation has set up the Robert D. Walker Scholarship Fund to specifically continue his mission of inspiring and empowering the people of the next generation.

You may donate at the tab to your right. Any donations collected via this site will be directed to the fund where Robert’s family in connection with The Ideation Foundation will deliver scholarships in Robert’s name.

The Scholarship

A scholarship fund to support adults whom have realized their true passions for social and innovative change in their communities and want to pursue them via going to college. Participants have to showcase a similar passion to that of Robert’s where going to school was seen as that means to achieve their passion.

Students who are selected will go through the Ideation Fellows program, a program developed by Robert to teach students how to be innovative social and entrepreneurial leaders. The process of selection will be administered by Robert’s family in cooperation with the Ideation Foundation. Once selected, students will work with mentors in the program to develop their ideas into real solutions and products. They will receive year-round mentorship, continued training in local advocacy, and participate in a global network of like-minded scholars, business people, and students who, like Robert, want to change the world.

About Robert

Robert Walker was a graduate of The University of Colorado Denver with a Political Science Degree. He was initially introduced to President and Founder Caleb Carr where they had an instant connection. Caleb and Robert lobbied all over the United States to advocate for legislation that would change the face of student innovation on university campuses. During this time he beame the Vice President of the organization specifically working to develop new programs, strategies, and ensure high level growth over the decades to come. Robert’s legacy is one that is engrained in every student that walks through The Ideation Foundation doors.

We thank Robert’s for his continued service to the organization and as Robert put our mission so greatly: “You only live once… Don’t muck it up!” ~ Robert Walker