April 25, 2016


10013699_10203887476494286_898611824_nAbout the Ideation Med-Scholars Program

In 2010, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that 88% of Rwanda’s physicians were employed in urban areas despite 82% of the population living in rural areas, the Ideation Med Scholars Program aims to change this statistic. By working closely with members of the Rwanda Government and local non-profit organizations we will be able to provide key support to be able to positively change this healthcare disparity.

The same WHO report indicated that a method for sustainably increasing the quality of rural healthcare is to increase the number of healthcare providers with a rural background. The Ideation Med-Scholars Program will allow students from rural Rwanda to receive medical training without being concerned by the financial barriers associated with medical school. We will help create a new generation of rural physicians who are motivated to improve the health of their communities by following a four-step approach that will provide financial and educational support to the medical student and their family. Rwanda’s most valuable asset is it’s people and our goal as an organization is to create local leaders who eventually won’t need to rely on our organization for assistance.

Step One

By working with community leaders we will identify students in rural communities who have a passion for Université_nationale_du_Rwanda_à_Butaremedicine and their community. These students will be required to apply directly to a Rwandan medical program where upon their acceptance they will receive funding from the Ideation Med Scholars Program to cover living expenses for the duration of their medical training. We want to ensure that living expenses are not a barrier to receiving a higher education.

Step Two

The program lead for Rwanda will work with community leaders to provide funding that will supplement the student’s family income which will inevitably be affected by a contributor attending school full-time. We want to minimize the negative side effects that could occur when a member becomes a student. Additionally, the Program Lead will work with the local community leaders to identify current health care facilities in the community and will start to develop a plan for the improving local medical facilities.

Step Three

Support for the student will not be terminated upon completion of their medical training. The Ideation Foundation will work to provide resources so the returning physician will have a functioning clinic they can operate out of when they return to their community. We want to ensure their clinic will have the capacity to adequately address the primary care concerns of the residents in their community.

Step Four

The main stipulation that comes from our financial assistance is that the student must return to their rural community once they complete their training for a timeframe that equals the time spent in school. We will continue to provide professional development with regular visiting physician trips to Rwanda to teach graduates of our program innovative new medical techniques in rural medicine as well as providing support for the clinic during their time in the country. We believe that rural health will only see long-term improvements when the individuals working towards improved rural health have a rural background, this program was founded on the belief that students will likely stay after their commitment is formally completed

We believe that rural health will only see sustainable improvements when the individuals working towards improving rural health come from a rural background. This program was founded on the belief that students will likely stay after their commitment is formally completed, helping increase the quality of care for their region of origin. We want to identify individuals who are already passionate about improving the health of their rural community and give them the opportunity to make a difference.

For Questions or Concerns please contact the Med-Scholars Program Director


Michael Bagg

Email: mbagg@theideationfoundation.org