June 19, 2016



About Ideation Think Tank

As an organization, we understand the incredible times we live in and the extraordinary technology that connects us all. For the first time in the history of our great country, we have the technology to instantaneously interact with each other and have developed the social platforms necessary to voice our opinions and demand substantial change.

In the 1960’s students felt it necessary to stage large demonstrations, some resulting in riots, in order to have their voice heard. Today, in the technology crazed society we live in, students now have ways to connect with community leaders directly and tell them exactly what they need. Students have an opportunity to carry one of the loudest voices in our educational system!

The Ideation Think Tank is our original program, focused on encouraging innovation on college campuses across the country. Currently there are very few organizations in the United States that provides suggestions and research for legislators, educators, and the general public from the student perspective. Working with college students across the country, with backgrounds spanning all different walks of life, Ideation Think Tank can provide the most comprehensive policy research and in-depth recommendations focused on student innovation.

6We develop this unique perspective in collaboration with industry, higher-ed, and political experts who have thousands of combined hours of experience within their respective fields. Together, we are able to provide the means necessary for students to take action and demand fair and equal innovative workspaces with the best interest of students today, tomorrow, and the future.

With help from other student organizations representing numerous student interests, we developed the #ProtectStudentsFutures campaign. Our goal is to provide a voice for students at colleges and universities across the country and ensure their concerns and most dire issues are addressed on the biggest stages!

Key Areas of IdeaThink Research:

  • Student Intellectual Property Issues
  • DCMA effects on Artists (Soon to be Released)
  • Higher Education Re-Authorization Act Reform (Soon to be Released)
  • Net-Neutrality (Soon to be Released)

For more information please contact our President caleb@theideationfoundation.org.