January 23, 2016


What we believe11

We believe that young adults, no matter their background have the ability to be able to make a difference and leave a legacy of being a changemaker. Many young adults are not able to pursue their dreams while attending college. The Ideation Foundation is out to change that.

About the Ideation Scholars Program

The Ideation Scholars program was founded to take students who have the passion to help their communities using entrepreneurship and give them the means to be able to do so. There are many young adults all over the world who have dreams of attending college and helping their communities by creating companies or organizations and do not have the resources to start; the Ideation Foundation is there to fill this gap.

The Ideation Scholars program rewards grants and scholarships, in-depth business consulting, and daily mentorship to college students who have solid business ideas and want to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. It is the programs intention that upon conclusion of a student’s college experience, their company is a productive and thriving contributor to their community. 

Specific Details of the Ideation Scholars Program

  • Students receive scholarships (towards tuition, books, and board) to a university of their choice.
  • Students receive grants to develop a company while at university.
  • University personnel and scholars receive daily support from Ideation staff.

Who Can Apply?

Anyone who has successfully completed our Ideation Fellows program. Awards are determined on the planning, development, and execution of the ideas fostered during the Fellows program. 

Application Components

  • Complete The Ideation Scholars Application (Coming Soon)
  • Have a faculty support letter from the university you attend 
  • Have 3 letters of recommendation 
  • Undergo a background check
  • Send required documentation to scholars@theideationfoundation.org

What to expect as a Scholar.

ScholarshipHomeGAO1_04Once an Ideation Scholar has been identified, they immediately start working with our staff to ensure they are ready for their college entrepreneurial experience. Our staff ensures students have what they need to  start working on the development of their company. Our staff will meet with the financial aid department of the university, faculty sponsor, and any other related personnel to ensure the scholar has best chance at success.

Throughout the remainder of college the scholar will remain in close contact with the Ideation Foundation with frequent check-ins where they must detail their success in school and the development of their company. Our staff will work to ensure scholars are prepared to prosper as students and entrepreneurs.