August 9, 2016

IdeaFellows Sponsors

Recruitment Poster
Why Become A Sponsor?

As an Ideation Fellows Business Sponsor, you will empower Fellows to innovate and achieve their dreams. Your tax-deductible contribution of $2,500 will cover the entire cost of the program for one Fellow. In return, your business logo will be displayed on our website and all Fellows that are selected in your community will proudly share your logo on all of their subsequent work stemming from the program for the entire calendar year. You will have the ability to watch as young innovators engage in their communities through the non-profit, small business, and government sectors and make their impact in our rapidly changing, complex, society.



Our Fellows In Action

After their 10-week training, Fellows participate in a number of
activities including developing student 12801093_10209329170573237_8954203861810759279_norganizations, small businesses, and charities. Fellows actively engage their schools, local businesses, and community by creating innovation spaces, organize entrepreneurship events, design thinking workshops, collaborate with universities, and develop national partnerships. This gives our sponsors a unique opportunity to show they support our program through numerous endorsement opportunities.


To become a sponsor schedule a meeting here or email us at