June 19, 2016


About Ideation Fellows

All over the country students are challenged to become innovators while attending school. Currently, fellowship programs are booming around innovation at university campuses. This is because people have identified the need for innovators within the workspace. However, what do these fellowship programs do? A lot of these programs teach participants what it means to be an innovator and can inspire them to become an activist or entrepreneur. Yet, most fellowship programs only provide the basics and very little support after the training is completed.

Unfortunately, for many, the chances of success are poor due to their lack of experience, proper mentorship, and limited resources. The Ideation Fellows program aims to fill that gap by providing students, regardless of their academic discipline, the tools, networking, and training necessary to compete in today’s global market and empower them to become leaders and enact change in their communities.

The Program

The Ideation Fellows program selects students from all academic backgrounds, ranging from creative arts, hard sciences, business, to engineering, who demonstrate a passion for innovation, entrepreneurship, and a commitment to making a lasting impact in their community.

Fellows participate in a 10-week course broken down in three segments: InnoCOVER, InnoGAGE, and InnoCHANGE. Together, they deliver in-depth training how to analyze local ecosystems and provide the tools and resources to become entrepreneurs, student advocates, and community leaders. Unlike most programs, Ideation Fellows receive year-round mentorship, continued training in local advocacy, assistance in the development of charities and small businesses, and participate in a global network of like-minded students, academic scholars, and business experts collaborating to change the world. Here are some examples how The Ideation Foundation empowers and supports our Fellows in enacting this change:

  • Hold personal advising sessions for Fellows who are working on a company, non-profit, or university-related project.
  • Partner Fellows wanting to create non-profits with organizations that can assist them file their IRS tax forms.
  • Become a fiscal sponsor for Fellows non-profits while they get set up.
  • Continued mentorship for Fellows from our network of industry leading professionals across 6 different continents and spanning hundreds of industries.
  • Policy and advocacy training for Fellows to work with university administration and government officials on local, state, and federal levels.
  • Partner Fellows with incubators and local business associations to support student’s entrepreneurial passions.


Build resources on campus:

  • found clubs
  • organize events
  • lead workshops exposing students to innovation, advocacy, and entrepreneurship
  • collaborate with faculty to improve education experience

Contribute to their community:

  • advocate to support student innovation in their community
  • develop small businesses and charities aimed to benefit local ecosystem
  • demonstrate on national platforms how their community sponsors are creating possibilities for students to achieve their dreams and change the world










Interested students should start the application process here. Students are encouraged to recruit other students and build small teams at their university. Once submitted, a small committee of Ideation Fellows staff, industry experts, and entrepreneurial mentors review all applicants. If qualified, applicants then interview with Ideation Fellows program leaders and are encouraged to share with us their ambitions and goals. After the interview round, applicants who are selected to become Fellows are invited to join our endeavor to change the world.

Spring ’17 Application Deadline: Dec. 4, 2017 midnight EST
Spring ’17 Training Dates: Jan. 2018 – Apr. 2018


In order to complete the application process, each student will need to provide at least one letter of recommendation from a university faculty member, complete the short essays, and secure sponsorship to cover program cost.

Students Start Here



To ensure our Fellow’s innovative growth, we partner each student with a faculty member to ensure they have direct support on campus. Send us a recommendation letter or request to host a Fellow at your institution.

Faculty Start Here

VentureWell Open, Portland, Oregon, March 3, 4, 5, 2016.

Business Sponsors

As fellow entrepreneurs, our Business Sponsors understand the need for programs like ours to fill the gap between academic studies and real world innovation. Please join our community of sponsors and help encourage the next generation of college students to change the world.

Sponsors Start Here


Program Fees

$2,500 per Fellow

Training Program

InnoCOVER training program: $750

InnoGAGE training program: $500

InnoCHANGE workshops: $450

Instructor Fees: $500

Fellows promotional materials $175

Administration fees: $125

Ideation Summit (Coming Soon)