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Changing the world one student at a time!





who we are

For the students, by the students.

The Ideation Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation that was founded by Viviana Tran and Caleb Carr. Based in the city of Kent, Washington, our foundation promotes student excellence through innovation and entrepreneurship while continually making significant strides in becoming a nationally recognized organization. Over the past two years, this organization has met with community leaders at the local and national levels to discuss the necessity for student entrepreneurship and innovation. Run by young professionals and collegiate students, we are dedicated to develop programs that provide future generations the proper tools and training in innovation so they can flourish in today’s world. To achieve this, we have created scholarship programs that empower students to pursue their dreams, established funding for students so they can innovate with the proper training and resources while attending university, and developed our fellowship program, providing a 10-week mentorship program where students learn to become entrepreneurs, student advocates, and community leaders.


Our community of sponsors providing the resources necessary to help students change the world.